Drilling Office 4.0

Drilling Office 4.0

Drilling Office is an integrated set of planning software, and engineers can optimize drilling programs with integrated and comprehensive designs.

Features and characteristics of Drilling Office software:

  • Data Browser : A program for easy access to Drilling Office data
  • Survey Editor: Enables the user to calculate and analyze the mapping direction.
  • Well Design: Production of geometric design
  • Close Approach: Enables users to analyze anti-collision hazards.
  • Power Draw: Manipulate the graphical output created in the Drilling Office
  • DrillSAF: Torque and pull analysis and BHA trend analysis
  • Hydraulics: Analysis of hole cleaning and pressure drop for real track
  • DrillViz: 3D visualization software to automatically determine model size, display mapping and cover points and recalculate EOU
  • DrillMap: Provide information for drilling benefits by showing potential drilling hazards and complex geomechanical models in a format that drillers can easily put to practical use.
  • OpenSpirit Client: Add the ability to transfer targets and circuits between Drilling Office and GeoFrame
  • RiskTRAK: A risk management tool that brings a knowledge-based approach to the drilling process.
  • Sidekick: Advanced gas shock simulator, suitable for developing gas shock and hydrodynamics simulations

Installation guide

See Crack and Patch folders for version 4 of the license and for version 3.1.

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