DS BIOVIA Materials Studio 2017 Windows / Linux86

DS BIOVIA Materials Studio 2017 Windows / Linux86

Materials Studio is a powerful software for molecular simulation. Chemists, researchers, and chemistry students can use this program to create a variety of molecular structures such as polymers (dendrimers, alloys, copolymers, homopolymers), nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes, nanomechanical equipment, all kinds of organic and inorganic compounds and crystals, structures. And شبیه simulate. Users can perform all the mentioned structures in different molecular modes for measuring electronic structure, measuring static and dynamic structures. The program is capable of performing a variety of popular and important simulations, including quantum simulations, which include topics such as finding the optimal structure, finding the transition mode by DFT and Fock techniques.

Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo can also be used for simulation at the molecular level. Other simulations such as DPD simulation, steam-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibrium simulations can also be performed in this program. An important feature of this program is its modularity structure. All simulations are performed by different modules. Modules consist of three parts: installation and configuration, execution and analysis, which can be used to prepare the output file of the simulation, run the simulation and finally see the results of its analysis.

The program is graphically designed and combines all molecular structures and final analyzes with three-dimensional graphics, which helps to better understand the structures and analyzes presented. This program is able to provide useful predictions about the effectiveness of material actions and their behavior in chemical compounds. It has powerful statistical tools to show complex molecular relationships and has a large database of different materials that make you completely free of ancillary tools. Using this software reduces manual calculations and repetitive tasks to a minimum, which in the long run reduces costs and the risk of projects.

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