DS CADAM Drafting V5-6R2018 SP3 x86

DS CADAM Drafting V5-6R2018 SP3 x86

CADAM Drafting is a suitable software for designing, modeling, analyzing and evaluating weighted concrete dams. This program analyzes and evaluates all types of hydrostatic loads and vibrations with different frequencies with a very accurate ratio. In this program, different modes of the dam can be modeled in different ways. Including dam modeling in different conditions to investigate different effects such as dam design geometry, reaction pressures and…. Using CADAM Drafting, it is easy to check the strength of materials used in dam construction.

The advantage of using this software is the possibility of comparing different modeling methods. For example, by applying changes to the parameters of a model and then comparing the evaluation result with other modeling methods, the optimal modes can be selected for the intended purpose. This software is a continuation of CADCAM software, which has about 30 years of experience in various industries. This product now has various applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical instruments, etc. industries, but as mentioned at the beginning of this description, this program has a special application in the analysis and evaluation of concrete dams, and engineers in this field will benefit the most from this program.

The solutions offered by Dassault have been used by 130,000 customers from 80 countries and are still growing. Using its work experience and specialized team, this company has been working on various three-dimensional products since early 1981, and with the methods provided, the life cycle of a product from the initial stages of conceptual design and idea formation to design, maintenance and It has completely transformed recycling processes.

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