DS SIMULIA fe-safe 2020 Windows / Linux

DS SIMULIA fe-safe 2020 Windows / Linux

fe-safe is a product of Safe Technology, now part of Dassault Systèmes, and is one of the most powerful finite element fatigue analysis software. This software provides facilities for its users to define different models and methods of analysis, to the extent that most industrial models can be analyzed with the help of this software.

fe-safe has a special place for many basic industries such as automotive, defense, marine, power plant, medical engineering and..

fe-safe is the first software designed and developed for fatigue analysis, and therefore the best and most efficient methods of fatigue analysis can be provided from this software. One of the best features of this software can be considered as thermomechanical fatigue analysis, creep fatigue and fatigue in composite models, which makes it a unique set of analysis and in fact simulates the most difficult fatigue models for users with minimal software complexity. he does.

What the industry always demands from engineering is the use of the minimum to produce the maximum output and, in other words, the highest efficiency. But the need to ensure engineering designs is the continuity of their operation, and this can only be achieved by simulating long cycles of engineering mechanisms.
Many industrial complexes use finite element methods to design their products, especially stress analysis, but due to the lack of efficient rigidity analysis software, they still resort to manual calculations for such analyzes, which makes the task much more difficult. But fe-safe, by simplifying the method of defining fatigue issues, provides this possibility to its industrial users in the best way.

Items that can be calculated by fe-safe software:

– Shelf life of a product

– The possibility of cracking in a component

– Material reliability for long-term use

– Ensure design

– How loading affects the life cycle

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