DS Simulia (Next Limit) xFlow 2020x Win / 2017 Linux

DS Simulia (Next Limit) xFlow 2020x Win / 2017 Linux

XFlow was a product of Next Limit Technologies, acquired by DS Simulia, a new generation of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software specifically designed for companies that require high computational accuracy in fluid simulation, transient aerodynamics, management Water and the interaction of water structures and structures are designed. XFlow’s approach to CFD is to simplify the workflow, minimize duplicate algorithms and parameters, and move away from traditional methods and mesh processing time. Using complex XFlow modeling, it is cost-effective and straightforward. Currently, this software is used in many industries and its benefits are used to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Features and specifications of XFlow software:

  • Possibility of advanced and automatic analysis
  • Advanced modeling capability for large samples with a large number of parts
  • Powerful and efficient user interface
  • Supports HDF5-based compact data format and structure
  • Possibility of 3D simulation using MSC Nastran
  • Support for high-pass, low-pass, mid-pass and mid-pass filters in signal processing and the possibility of direct output from the engine
  • Ability to send numerical data to lattice frequency levels
  • Possibility to use border lines for virtual water channel
  • Availability of custom window functions and time range for both SPL and PSD

Installation guide

Available in the Readmetxt file in the Crack folder.

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DS Simulia XFlow 2020x Build 110.08 x64

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DS Simulia XFlow 2017x Linux

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Download Section 2 – 800 MB

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