SolidWorks PCB is a powerful plugin for designing PCB circuits in a SolidWorks environment. The program integrates the CAD capabilities of the SolidWorks environment and the latest technologies in PCB circuit design into a single product. On the other hand, the user interface of this plugin is very simple and if you already have experience working with SolidWorks environment, you will see the environment of this plugin. With this plugin, users are able to design schematics of electronic circuits. Schematic models are usually used in the early stages of project development and, of course, are of great importance. This program has provided various features for this part to make schematic design easier.

Based on schematic models, three-dimensional and accurate models can be designed. These models have all the necessary details and industry standards. One of the important features of this plugin is the possibility of group collaboration of experts on one or more projects. For example, in most electronic projects, mechanical parts are also involved, which are naturally in the field of expertise of mechanical engineers. On the other hand, there is a kind of two-way relationship between mechanics and electronics in these projects. This program is the common language and framework of group cooperation in this situation.

Each person designs and models the assigned parts and eventually the final output will be integrated by the program and become a complete design. Electrical panels can also be designed using SolidWorks PCB. The program documents the recorded information well and this information can also be printed on paper. It is also possible to design mechatronic systems. Mechatronic systems have their own complexities, and the program, taking into account these complexities, has provided various facilities to facilitate the design of these circuits. Designing PCB circuits with the help of this plugin will be a new experience for you in the powerful SolidWorks environment.

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