DTK ANPR SDK 2.0.155 / Barcode Reader SDK 4.2

DTK ANPR SDK 2.0.155 / Barcode Reader SDK 4.2

DTK ANPR SDK is a software development kit designed for software developers who want to integrate license plate recognition into their software. The software produced by this kit can recognize the license plate number from still images and video streaming. The DTK ANPR SDK is a basic component for automated system solutions for detecting and processing license plates.

Features and capabilities of DTK ANPR SDK:

  • Car parking management system (entry, exit, tracking and charging)
  • Video security services (monitoring of gas stations, etc.)
  • Access control systems (electronic gates, barriers or fences)
  • Stolen car detection service (based on static monitoring stations or car and mobile equipment)
  • Automatic processing of images said by radar
  • Image processing engine, processing single images from files (JPG, BMP, PNG), from bitmap memory or buffer in different formats (RGB, YUV)
  • Video Streaming Engine: This engine is designed for real-time video processing with a resolution of 1280 x 960 at 25 frames per second. Video processing works on a variety of topics to achieve the best performance and output.
  • Detect in-stream video and high-level images
  • Easy to configure detection system without complexity, real-time video streaming detection
  • Substantially low consumption of resources
  • Support for license plates of countries: Iran, Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Qatar, Russia, Romania, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Norway, Turkey, USA and

Installation guide

Copy the files in the folders inside the Crack folder to the 32-bit or 64-bit size of your Windows installation location.

download link

Download DTK_Barcode_Reader_SDK_v4.2.297

Download ANPR_SDK_2.0.155_x86_x64

Download ANPR_SDK_2.0.104_Video_Capture_Control_1.1.107_x86_x64

Download ANPR_SDK_2.0.99_Video_Capture_Control_1.1.107_x86_x64

Download ANPR_SDK_2.0.91_Video_Capture_Control_1.1.104_x86_x64

Download ANPR_SDK_2.0.44_Video_Capture_Control_1.1.83_x86_x64

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