e-on PlantFactory R4 Build 4003044 + Plant Catalog 2019 Q4

e-on PlantFactory R4 Build 4003044 + Plant Catalog 2019 Q4

PlantFactory is a professional software for building 3D models of vegetation. With this program, all kinds of plants and trees can be modeled in 3D and then animated. Software such as 3DS Studio MAX can be used for any animation theme in general, but E-ON software is completely focused on modeling vegetation, and of course, after finishing the work, you can get standard output for other animation software. . The rendering engine of this high quality program can output individual frames and the speed of this work is high.

With this application, the most delicate plants to large trees can be modeled with high accuracy. When designing vegetation, you can use the Painting feature for more freedom in drawing complex shapes. In this software, it is possible to make all kinds of materials and geometric models, and a wide library of all kinds of plant models is available to you through its store. In addition to 3D modeling, PlantFactory also has a good ability to create quality animations. You can easily apply a variety of natural events such as wind, storm, breeze, etc. on the designed models. This software is offered in several different versions of Designer-Studio-Producter-Artist-Exporter, all of which have the same basic features, but each of them has given new capabilities based on their main function and task.

Features and characteristics of e-on PlantFactory software:

  • Manufacturing and modeling of various vegetation types
  • Ability to apply realistic animations of natural events such as wind, storm, etc.
  • Ability to generate output for other 3D software such as the D-Max series
  • Powerful and high speed rendering engine
  • Possibility of making new materials and producing geometric shapes

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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e-on PlantFactory R4 Build 4003044 x64

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