e.World Tech ASP.NET Maker 2020.0.9 + Extensions

ASP .NET Maker is an automated MVC code generation tool. Pattern design such as MVC is the process of managing and maintaining code, especially in applications that are inherently multi-layered, such as web applications and Internet websites. But the main problem with these patterns is that they produce almost the same basic code in different projects. If you compare several MVC projects together, you will find that they all share the same framework and base code. So isn’t it better to generate this initial framework automatically? Definitely people who have used MVC many times and are in the process of repetitive work on any project will answer yes. Yes, tools for this have been provided by various software companies, one of which is ASP NET Maker.

It automatically generates the basic asp.net code required for web applications from Access, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or Oracle databases. Using this tool, you can quickly create websites with features such as display, edit, search, delete and add records. This tool is provided with a focus on high flexibility, so it offers many options for customizing the automated code generation process. You can customize this tool to fit your web application exactly. It should be noted that the codes prepared by this tool are neat and comply with coding standards. This program is straightforward and easy to use and we promise that this tool will save a lot of time in your future projects.

Features and specifications of ASP NET Maker software:

  •  High simplicity of tools and security
  • Automatically generate code for adding, editing, searching and displaying records
  • Ability to export the desired results in CSV / HTML / Excel / Word / XML / PDF / Email formats
  • Ability to implement Master-Detail structure
  • Ability to customize based on your ready-made templates or custom templates
  • Clean and tidy codes

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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