e.World Tech ASP Report Maker 11.0.0

ASP Report Maker is a useful tool for creating dynamic reports from databases. With this powerful tool you can generate reports in dynamic ASP pages from Access databases or other ADO-based data sources. Using this software, you can easily prepare live, detailed and accurate reports or summaries of various databases such as Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. ASP Report Maker supports JavaScript and HTML5 charts that include a variety of pie charts, bar charts, donuts, and more. Flash charts can also be used.

The scripts generated by this program are written purely with ASP code and do not require any additional library on the server or user-side activation control. ASP Report Maker is designed to bring maximum flexibility to users, the program has various features that we have mentioned only a corner of them. The code written in this program is clean and tidy, and if you need to customize them, you will have an easy task due to the order of the code. Using this program will save a lot of time for both novice and professional users.

Features and specifications of ASP Report Maker software:

  •  Simple and flexible user interface
  • Ability to work with SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases
  • Having different charts with a changeable appearance for reporting
  • Ability to create summary reports for the dashboard
  • Ability to get output in various formats including pdf, html, excel, word and…
  • No need for side libraries on the server and user side
  • Clean and tidy production codes
  • Ability to use flash charts for reporting

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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