e.World Tech ASPMaker 2018.0.5

e.World Tech ASPMaker 2018.0.5

ASPMaker is a program for automatically generating ASP code from various databases. It quickly converts data from Access, SQL, and ODBC-based databases into a complete set of ASP pages. Using ASPMaker you can quickly design websites with the ability to display, edit, search, add and delete information records. This software has a high degree of flexibility and provides you with various options for building ASP websites. The code generated by this program is simple and straightforward and there is simply the ability to customize it. Using this program saves time for both beginners and professionals.

Features and specifications of ASPMaker software:

  •  High security with advanced security options
  • Ability to export to Export to CSV / HTML / Excel / Word / XML / PDF / Email formats
  • Upload files to a predefined database or folder
  • Ability to customize the template
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access (Windows server), Microsoft SQL Server (Windows server), Oracle and other ODBC-based databases
  • Support for responsive design and bootstrap framework
  • Ability to apply various settings such as fonts, CSS code and text characters
  • Edit menus
  • Ability to report data
  • Sort by multiple columns
  • Use MD5 encryption and hashing support

Installation guide

Use the Keygen in the Crack folder to register the software.

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