e.World Tech DB AppMaker 4.0.1

DB AppMaker is an interesting application for building Android and iOS applications from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. This program has a simple graphical interface with which you can use technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create your desired mobile applications. To work with this program, you do not have any knowledge about Java language and Android programming, it is enough to be relatively familiar with the proposed web technologies. The output file of the program can be run and tested on the emulator or real phone without any problems.

The program has various outputs, some of which are for further development and customization of the project in other tools, and also has two compiled outputs, one of which is the popular apk format, files with this format can be published in Google Play Store and other markets . The required Mac files are also ipa, which can be generated by this program. The program is designed to increase flexibility and, based on this goal, has provided a wide range of options for working with a variety of databases.

The code generated by this tool is highly readable and not sloppy. Using this program saves a lot of time. Beginner users can build their own application to build Android applications with minimal knowledge of web technologies. Note that these programs are not designed for professional work and you should not expect too much flexibility from them. To do more professional work, you should go to the main methods of building Android applications.

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