Eagle Simulator 1.0 for Android +2.0.1

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Soar to the sky and life as an eagle majestic and hunting and sightseeing in various environments in Eagle Simulator simulation game experience. Survive on an island Massive filled with animals dangerous and different,  start to lead the category Eagles raising the birds in the sky snatching fish fresh from the water and fighting for life itself in the face of predators forest like    Wolves foxes and bears are just a small part of the fascinating Eagle Simulator game.

Features and specifications of Eagle Simulator:

  • Simulator real – you need to maintain your health, relieve hunger  and  thirst and  increased  energy self to survive in  the  wild on the island you.  
  • War of the epic – the sharp claws and its top speed to catch fish delicious and fighting with the animals of the forest  
  • Starting from a flock of eagles – find a mate for a link  to the category Eagles and raising the  rank  of the family itself among other eagles and bring them with you on the hunt. Take care of the babies themselves, seeds and grow them that makes them, you take the fight  to help.       
  • Raising the level of  bird you – earn experience by defeating animals other and raising eagles in turn increase the health of your  increased attack power  and    Even unlock new colors for your eagle. 
  • Instructions for the  survival of wildlife  –  look to Guide Survival Manual itself to  obtain  information about animals maps of the forest Eagle app and more   

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