Ease Of Access settings in Windows 10

Ease Of Access
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How to access Ease Of Access settings in Windows 10?

The point is that you can access Ease Of Access in Windows 10 in different ways , we will explain these methods in this part of the article:

The first method

Open the Start menu and type ” ease ” and then select Ease Of Access center from the displayed results .

Ease Of Access in Windows 10

The second method

In the second method, you have to press the Windows + U key combination on the keyboard.

Ease of Access settings

The third method

In this method, to access Ease Of Access in Windows 10  , enter the control panel and then select the    Ease Of Access  option. In the next window, click on the Ease of Access Center option.

Ease Of Access in Windows 10
Easy access in Windows 10

The fourth method

In this method, you must enter the Settings and then select the Ease Of Access option.

How to make Ease Of Access settings

What settings can be made through Ease Of Access?

Settings that can be made with Ease Of Access in Windows 10  include:

Display    – Display

Cursor & Pointer – Cursor and pointer

Magnifier – Magnifier

Filters Color – Color filters

Contrast High – High Contrast

Narrator – Narrator / Speaker

Audio – Audio

Captions Closed – Closed captions

Speech – Speech – Speech

Keyboard – Keyboard / Keyboard

Mouse – Mouse

Control Eye – control eye

How to make settings through Ease Of Access

Narrator Settings – Speaker

In the Use Narroter section you can activate the switch. Disable.

How to make ease of access settings in Windows 10

Magnifier settings – Magnifier

This option, as the name implies, performs the magnification operation and you can activate the switch and a pop-up menu will be displayed for you, with the help of which you can enlarge your screen and make settings. Do the corresponding. The Fine tune what my screen fonts look like and Control whether Magnifier starts when I sign in options also give you the classic old magnifying glass settings in the control panel.

How to make ease of access settings

Setting High Contrast – High Contrast

Here you can choose a new high contrast theme for your computer. You can select options from the drop-down menu or create your own contrasting color theme by selecting the color manually. If you do not like the adjusted contrast, you can return to the previous page by pressing Left Alt, Left Shift, and Print Screen .

Learn how to make ease of access settings

Closed captions settings – closed subtitles

By choosing the title color, transparency, style, size, etc., you can give a beautiful effect to your computer. You can also adjust the background and window settings here. If you want to go back to the default settings anywhere, just scroll down and click Restore to defaults .

How to make ease of access settings in Windows 10

Keyboard Settings – Keyboard / Keyboard

Screen keyboard, sticky keys or Sticky , keys Toggle keys Here you can find the filter. Other settings include highlighting shortcuts and displaying an alert or making a sound when rotating the on or off settings using a shortcut. Keep in mind, however, that there are no specific changes to the keyboard settings, and this is the same as the previous version of Windows.

Introducing ease of access

Mouse settings – Mouse

Select the size and color of the mouse pointer here. You can also activate the mouse key to use the numeric keys to move the mouse around your screen. This is what was provided in previous versions of Windows. The article Moving the Mouse with the Keyboard will be a good guide for you, which we recommend you to read and review.

Check ease of access

Other options

Other options include visual settings, settings for turning on the button to play animations and display the Windows background, display notifications, notification time, adjust the thickness for the cursor, and more.

Windows ease of access settings

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