easily view the IP address of any site
IP address

easily view the IP address of any site

How to easily view the IP address of each site?

In this article, we are going to share with you the solutions that allow you to find IP addresses belonging to different websites. This way you do not need to install any programs.

Number one, get the IP address of a site through the command line window

This method basically uses the ping command to find the IP address of a site. In fact, the ping command works with the ICMP protocol, which communicates with server addresses. Hence the above command is used to find the address of a server.

1. In the Windows 10 search box, type cmd and press Enter.

2. In the command line window, enter the ping command along with the site name.

3. Press the Enter key.

You will now see the IP address of the site with details of the site’s geographical location.

2. Obtain the IP address of a site in Linux

Use the terminal on a Mac or Linux

The terminal is something like the Windows command line available to users on the Linux and Mac operating systems. In this method, we enter the command similar to the one you saw in the first solution.

1. Press Ctrl + ALT + T to open the terminal window.

2. Now enter the command ping –c1 Sitename. For example ping –c1 google.com

In this case, you will see the same information as before.

3. Obtain the IP address of a site on the Mac

Use Network Utility on Mac

1. Open Network Utility on your Mac.

2. In the opened program, you will see a tab called ping. Click on it.

3. Now enter the URL of the site you want to see the IP address in the text box.

4. Click the ping button.

4. Obtain the IP address of a site with WHOIS System

You can also use WHOIS data to find the IP address of any site. Users typically use WHOIS to find the URLs of their favorite sites. You can use sites like whois.net or networksolutions.com to find complete details about a site. Just enter the address of your desired site in the text box and click the search button. See full details such as IP address , site registration time, site owner name, site expiration date and more.

5. Use online sites to view the IP address

There are several online sites that can be found to find the IP address of the server belonging to each site without the need to install external software or run a special command. Sites that allow you to get an IP address by entering a site address . Sites that often give you interesting details about the sites.

www.site24x7.com is one of these sites that allows you to enter the desired address and click the Test Now button. Other sites in this regard include iPinfo, which shows the IP address , information about the registration details of a site, Get Site iP , Whatismyipaddress ,and HCIDATA

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