Eazfuscator.NET 2019.1.382.17420

Eazfuscator.NET is an ambiguous software for the .NET platform. After coding and publishing the software across the web, people are able to view the code written using Unpacker tools. Using this software, you can protect and obscure .NET code.

Features and specifications of Eazfuscator.NET software:

  • Rename Symbols: When we develop an application, we often display valuable information in the form of symbols: function names, variables, classes. This information is valuable to intruders who want to understand the software built. The simplest and most effective way to hide this information is to replace it with inappropriate names.
  • Code and data virtualization : Virtualization technology converts .NET bytecodes into a completely random and unknown byte sequence that can be executed at runtime. In other words, every time you block your application, we create a new custom virtual machine for your work.
  • Resource Encryption and Compression : If your product is professional enough, it must contain many valuable assets. Almost every popular app contains a set of icons created by the designer. This step becomes very sensitive when your assembly resources contain security information such as a private key. To cover and protect all of this, we transparently encrypt your resources when requested.
  • AutoCode Optimization: With Eazfuscator.NET, you do not need a .NET performance expert to create high-performance applications. We do the code optimization for you automatically,

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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