EazyCode 7.1.70 Retail .Net Code Generator

EazyCode 7.1.70 Retail .Net Code Generator

EazyCode dot Net Code Generator is a useful tool to speed up the coding process of .NET programmers. Developers often encounter more or less the same architecture, design, and coding when writing programs, for example, applications that use multi-layered architecture are definitely one layer for displaying the user interface, one layer for business logic, and one layer for database connection. In the MVC model, programmers will deal with model, display, and controller layers, as well as for other programming models, such as MVVM in WPF and…. Also, most applications that deal with data will usually have a section for searching, sorting, or exporting output.

EazyCode dot Net Code Generator is one of the code makers that does this well, it is able to generate basic code for multilayer programming models, MVC, MVVM and برای for both C # and Visual Basic languages. Automatically generates the methods and stored procedures required for adding, deleting, and editing operations in the database. It also easily generates basic code for search, sorting and exporting data in Excel, pdf and Word formats. In addition, for written databases, it can document a complete report in Word format.

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Use the serials in the Serial.txt file to register software.

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