Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Luna SR2 v4.4.2 x86 / x64

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Luna SR2 v4.4.2 x86 / x64

Eclipse IDE is one of the most powerful open source programming environments for the programming language that supports most languages ​​including python, Perl, PHP, C ++, C, etc. Java currently has several strong IDEs for development by the company Has different and reputable and with different qualities and prices such as (NetBeans (Sun), JDevelopers (Oracle), Eclipse (IBM, etc.). Among the environments that are offered for free and strong is Eclipse software, which Licensed under the GPL and Open Source, the system allows people to write and use their own plug-ins in a new process.

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers is the basic version of the Eclipse programming environment that is suitable for all Java developers.

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Eclipse IDE for Java EE is a Java EE ( J ava E nterprise E dition) user interface equipped with tools for Java developers in Java EE programming and web applications, including the Java UI , Tools for Java EE as well as JPA, JSF, Mylyn and ..,

Features of Eclipse IDE programming environment  :

– Code recognition and automatic and intelligent completion, advanced analysis, easy and accurate navigation, debugging and… codes

– Ability to edit and develop code with various programming languages ​​including JPA, JSF, Mylyn and…

– Has various free plugins to increase capabilities and optimize the programming environment

– Creating web applications and server side

Strong support from big companies like IBM and Google

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This program is free 

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