- Design with Tailwind CSS Masterclass 2021
Design with Tailwind CSS – Design with Tailwind CSS Masterclass 2021


Design with Tailwind CSS Masterclass is a Tailwind CSS framework training course published by Academy. Dedicated and detailed design of all pages of a large web application is very hard and time-consuming and can keep the development team busy for a long time.

If you do not have enough mastery in CSS, various tasks such as page layout and alignment of different elements, creating responsiveness, and styling of different elements will be a very tedious and long process and will cause you many problems.

To solve this problem and save time, there are various solutions such as the Bootstrap framework, each of which, despite its advantages, has many disadvantages and will cause you problems. Tailwind CSS, unlike other existing frameworks that follow a certain process, is completely flexible and does not impose any particular solution or opinion on the user.

Custom design of application pages with Tailwind CSS is very simple and will save you time. User interface design, page layout, and responsive websites are very easy with the Tailwind CSS framework.

What you will learn in the Design with Tailwind CSS Masterclass course:

  • Installation and initial configuration of the Tailwind CSS framework
  • Layout and build complex and nested layouts with Flexbox
  • Design and build the user interface according to the principles of accessibility
  • Delete unused CSS codes and do not load them while running the application in order to save the number of user resources
  • Use different variables to design and build a responsive user interface
  • Styling different elements in hover and focus modes
  • Customize Tailwind CSS based on project prerequisites and goals

Course specifications

Instructor: Adam Wathan
Language: English
Level: Advanced to Advanced
Number of Courses: 22
Duration: 3 hours and 4 minutes

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Course topics


Design with Tailwind CSS

Design course images with Tailwind CSS MasterclassDesign with Tailwind CSS

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