Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Breaker Enterprise 3.06.803


Advanced Office Password Breaker is the name of an application and, of course, efficient software in the field of recovering and unlocking forgotten passwords. This software is specifically designed and published to recover forgotten passwords of Microsoft Word and Excel. With this product, you can unlock encrypted documents in versions 97 to 2000 of Microsoft Word and versions 97 to 2000 of Microsoft Excel in just a few minutes. A very high percentage of unlocking your documents, about 97% to 100% of the files, has made it possible for you to choose this software with ease.

The technology used in Advanced Office Password Breaker is the use of Thunder Tables technology, which comes with 40-bit encryption. For this program, it does not matter how long and difficult the passwords used are. This program can easily recover all kinds of passwords in simple and difficult levels for you. A very simple environment in the design of this product makes it possible for you to easily use all the features of this program well.

Before starting the operation of recovering and unlocking the forgotten password of your documents, you will be shown various options of hash tables and how to do the process. This software makes unlocking Word and Excel documents easier and faster than ever.