Elegant Ribbon 4.3

Elegant Ribbon 4.3

Elegant Ribbon A set of Windows controls for using the Ribbon toolbar in applications. From 2007 onwards, Microsoft completely changed the user interface and used the Ribbon toolbar for its software suite. Instead of menus, the ribbon toolbar uses a tabbed toolbar to store and group tools, which will give users more order and faster access to the program’s features.

To welcome users to this design style, various companies have provided libraries, components, and controls for different programming languages ​​to enable the use of ribbons in their applications. .NET has brought. With this tool, programmers are able to give their programs an office-like appearance. The controls in this set are written entirely in C # and are fully compatible with CLS.

Features and characteristics of Elegant Ribbon:

  • Having different ribbons Ribbon, Ribbon Tabs, Ribbon Groups, Application Button, Backstage View, Application Menu and…
  • WYSYWYG design
  • Content fading architecture for controls
  • Command-oriented user interface
  • Cascading pop-up menus
  • Application menu
  • Has different themes
  • Compatible layout and automatic resizing
  • Ability to use the Vista Glass feature
  • MDI support
  • Supports right-to-left layering
  • And a complete list of useful controls:
    • Advanced Features of Controls
    • Button
    • Button Group
    • Calendar
    • Check Box
    • Combo Box
    • Date / Time Picker
    • Drop-Down Button
    • Galleries
    • KeyTips
    • Label
    • Masked Text Box
    • Numeric Up-Down
    • Panel
    • Radio Button
    • ScreenTips
    • Scroll Bars
    • Separator
    • Slider
    • Split Button
    • Status Bar
    • Tab Control
    • Text Box
    • Toggle Button

Installation guide

Copy the contents of the Crack folder to the software installation location and run the bat file as run as admin‌.

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