Elerium Word .NET 2.2

Elerium Word .NET 2.2

Elerium Word .NET is a .NET component for reading, writing, and converting Word documents . This Elerium WordNET component is fully managed and written under .NET and can be used in all C # / VB.NET / ASP.NET languages. With this component you can generate various Word documents including Doc, DocX, RTF and TXT. Your program can save Word files in 2003-97 and 2012-2007 formats and you will also be allowed to convert these formats to each other. This component provides sample C # and Visual Basic code, which you will learn how to use in the shortest time. This component works with all .NET versions2.0 and above are compatible and have no dependencies on external libraries. You can add all the features of Word including paragraph indentation, line spacing, inserting tables and formatting them, merging cells, searching and replacing text in the document, encrypting files, adding fields and controls such as checkboxes, buttons, adding headers and footers to Have page, change font and text size, page numbering, page size, adjust document margins, etc.

Features of Elerium WordNET:

  • Compatible with doc, docx, rtf and txt formats
  • Generate and store Word documents in 2003-97, 2007 and 2010 formats
  • Methods for writing and reading Word files (with examples in C # and Visual Basic)
  • Convert documents between introduced formats
  • Edit and create a document
  • Ability to add heater and footer
  • Page numbering
  • Adjust paper size, border, page width and width, make the page horizontal or vertical
  • Create indentations for paragraphs
  • Ability to define the distance between lines
  • Text formatting (bold, italic, underline)
  • Ability to create tables, format them and change colors
  • Ability to combine table cells
  • Use nested tables
  • Search and replace words
  • File encryption

Installation guide

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