Eliis PaleoScan 2018.1.0 Revision B r26824

Eliis PaleoScan 2018.1.0 Revision B r26824

PaleoScan is the name of a new software for interpreting earthquakes in two-dimensional and three-dimensional. This software contains all the necessary tools to run a large workflow and in a user-friendly environment allows data loading, production of interpreted objects, information screening, and cross-navigation. PaleoScan also provides methods for semi-automating seismic mass interpretation, as well as standard tools for interpreting horizons and faults. With the powerful editing tools available in PaleoScan, you can edit your interpretations and view geological models in real time. PaleoScan also benefits from parallel processing with the latest multicore technologies.

PaleoScan Features and Features:

  • Processing large sections of features (spectral analysis)
  • Production of a large number of horizons and layered cutting of zones
  • Extraction and quality measurement of seismic parts
  • Interpret, improve, and describe ground failures
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional simulation of earthquakes
  • Modeling of faults

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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