EmbeddedWB 17.0 Full Source

EmbeddedWB, or EWB for short, stands for Embedded Web Browser, a great component for building web browsers in Delphi-based applications. This component adds an IE-based browser to your application and allows you to customize it. This package provides everything developers need to develop a Delphi web browser within Windows and Internet Explorer.

Using the Embedded Web Browser, in addition to building custom browsers, you can also add features such as file downloading, working with network files, viewing documents, and more to your application. Also, if you are building client chat programs, web update tools, HTML / Xml editor, Embed, the Embedded Web Browser component will be very useful and has the ability to do the above.

Installation guide

No information available; Delphi programmers know better.

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Download EmbeddedWB 14.70.0 for Rio

Download EmbeddedWB 17.0 Full Source

Download Embedded Web Browser for XE8

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