Embird Studio 2017 Build 10.24

Embird is a professional software for computer embroidery. This program supports 70 different embroidery file formats as well as 20 embroidery machines as one of the best embroidery and fabric design programs. With the help of this program, you can easily enter designs on paper into the digital world to benefit from many capabilities such as easy image editing, resizing, adding and removing new graphic elements, design management and..

This software is fully compatible with Windows 10 and can be installed and run on previous versions of Windows, including xp. One of the important advantages of embroidery using computer software is the ability to easily edit the design. In addition to basic editing tasks such as resizing, changing colors, using texts with various fonts and styles, deleting unwanted parts of the image and امکان even the possibility of duplicating graphic elements, dividing a large design into several smaller designs, the possibility of using ready-made images in the design There are also simulations of embroidery operations and..

Other features of Embird;

With this program, you can easily convert the design done in high quality to various formats. By default, this program has a number of standard sizes for embroidery work, but it is possible to change it easily. If the screen is calibrated, you can see the design in real view and size. It is possible to output the design in gif animation formats and even screen savers. This program embroiders your design in 3D and simulated to have a good idea of ​​the physical output of the work. To choose colors, there are many color catalogs containing various color combinations that you can use in your designs.

Installation guide

First install the software by running the Embrd2k17b1024_x86_setup.exe file; You can also use WinRAR to extract this file first and then perform the installation. Then run the Setup Embird 2017.exe file and enter the path where the software was installed in the installation path selection section. The password for installing both is Esz4rdx5tfc6.

Now run the program and click on Registration from the Help menu. Enter Embro_Iderer in the password field and register, wait for it to be confirmed; If not approved, the installation path of the crack file, Setup Embird 2017.exe, was not the same as the installation path of the program.

Now from the Help menu, click on Password, uncheck ind Remind me, and then click on Back-up. Vote OK and Yes for next messages; Finally close the program and run it again; The software is registered as Unregistered copy!

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Download Embird Studio 2017 Build 10.24 x86

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