EMCoS Antenna VLab v1.0.1 Student Version

EMCoS Antenna VLab v1.0.1 Student Version

EMCoS Antenna VLab is a powerful simulation software for antenna computing. The powerful CAD user interface gives you the multiplicity of complex antenna design in a short time. The core of advanced simulation based on torque method, optimized for parallel computing, is to provide accurate results. The EMCoS Antenna VLab training version supports the electrodynamic solution for 2GB models.

Features and Features of EMCoS Antenna VLab:

  • Isotropic dissipation of electricity and magnetic materials
  • Large metal structures
  • Equivalent network (scatter, chain, TL)
  • Voltage and current sources in frequency and time domain
  • Aircraft wave excitation
  • Hertz power supply and magnetic dipole
  • Boolean operators (link, intersection, subtraction) to create complex models
  • Transformation operations (translation, rotation, mirror) in CAD models
  • Multiple transfer operations
  • Remove faces in complex models
  • Simulation of all wave three-dimensional structures
  • Matrix partitioning method
  • Current, voltage, charges and error calculations in the probe
  • Integrated antenna library
  • Powerful model editor
  • Processing standard formats (ACIS SAT, IGES, CATIA V4 and V5)
  • CAD and advanced mesh functions
  • Support for dielectric material
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional processing tools to provide comfortable models and results
  • Frequency analysis of frequency from DC to several GHz
  • Adaptive frequency sampling for effective frequency domain calculations
  • Matrix partitioning option to optimize calculations
  • Option to recalculate and continue
  • Construction of a computational model of separate components
  • Customize shortcuts

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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