Emerson Paradigm (Geologist) 18 Build 2018.06.28

Emerson Paradigm (Geologist) 18 Build 2018.06.28

Paradigm Suite includes several professional software, including Geolog, which is advanced software for petrophysical evaluation and analysis in the field of geology. This tool is so important in the field of petrophysics and geological analysis that it is recognized as an industry standard among experts and technicians. The salient features of this program are its versatility, excellent data management, very good graphics in user interface design and display results, as well as its proper integration in terms of data integration and composition.

According to the company, the latest version of this software will be the next generation of geophysical and petrophysical solutions and tools, and with its various technologies and capabilities that it provides to experts, it will improve its efficiency and usability. This software is based on another product of this company, Epos. Geolog works directly on data in Epos and third-party databases such as Petrel * seismic.

This program has a lot of fans all over the world and always solves the existing problems based on the customers’ opinions and creates a wider market for itself by adding new capabilities. Geolag and the Paradigm Suite are a versatile tool in the field of petrophysics that provides easy management of logs and scattered data by providing various features that allow users to interact with more platforms, thus speeding up and Be much more accurate than before.

Features and characteristics of Geolog software:

  •  Beautiful and powerful user interface
  • Various capabilities to integrate with other platforms and products
  • Manage data based on different locations
  • Support for multi-user environments
  • Unified environment for all work required in the field of petrophysics
  • Easy integration with geosteering with just one click

Installation guide

Version 18:

– Install Paradigm & Services Application.

– Replace each file in crack folder with paradigm 18 files in corresponding installation directory “C: \ Program Files \ Paradigm \ Paradigm-18 \ ………”

– Create the following Enviroment variable: LM_LICENSE_FILE = @YourPcName

– Once done with replacing all files Open Epos Application Control Panel 18

– From Control Panel Run License Manager.

– In license manager window Select Configure using license file and browse for license file included in crack folder

– Select Configure using Services

– Select Paradigm FlexNet License Server from the list

– Go to Config Service tab in license manager window and uncheck Use Servies, the click on save services

– Go to Start / Stop / Reread Tab and click Start Server, once server started close the license manager

– From Epos Application Control Pangel Click on Configuration Wizard

– Configure it as network license and direct the software to license folder configure it till finishes

– Launch Paradigm Session Manager And Start Using the software

Version 17:

In the case of  Paradigm Suite 17 and SKUA-GOCAD 17 are in the Readme.txt file; The SKUA-GOCAD module is also available in the full version and runs independently by running the Gocad.exe file in the following location;

C: \ Program Files \ Paradigm \ Paradigm-17 \ Applications \ Modeling \ Gocad \ bin \ Win_x64_6.1_v12

The full version was installed and successfully activated on November 10, 1996 on 64-bit Windows 10.

Sysdrill 2009: After installing the program, run the license file in the Crack folder with Notepad and instead of Downloadly, enter the full name of your computer, which is specified in the Windows System properties section, and save the file. Then copy and paste the file into C: \ ProgramData \ pdgm \ licenses. Now run the License Utility for the program from the Start menu. Check that the settings in the Readme file for the Conifg Services and Services / License File tabs are correct. Finally, on the Start / Stop / Rereade tab, click Start or Reread.

This version was installed and successfully activated on 8D95 in 64-bit Windows 10.

Geolog 7 v2011.1: After installing the program with the default settings, copy and replace the contents of the Crack folder in the default path C: \ Program Files \ Paradigm \ geolog7.0 \ bin and then run the geolog7_med.exe file with Run as Run administrator. Run the program after the crack operation is completed.

This version was installed and successfully activated on April 15, 1996 in 64-bit Windows 10.

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Emerson Paradigm 18 Build 2018.06.28

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Section 3 – 555 MB

Paradigm Suite 17.0 Build 2017-03-27 x64 – Expired License

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Section 3 – 1 GB

Download Section 4 – 592 MB

Download Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD 17.0 v2017 x64

Download Paradigm Geolog 7 v2011.1

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Download Paradigm Sysdrill 2009

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