Empty DNS cache in Windows

DNS cache
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Clear DNS cache

As briefly stated in the introduction, this protocol is used to translate domains into IP sites. This protocol was introduced in 1984, for each site there is a domain name that is unique and known through it. For example, to access Hewatech, it will be easier for you to remember heyvatech.com than the IP address of this site, which is DNSs are used to convert domain names to IP. In fact, DNS is a distributed database that stores domain names and IP sites, and how DNS works like a phonebook. Phonebooks list each person’s name and phone number. In DNSs, domain names are actually the names of people in the phone book and IP phone numbers of sites.



The structure of this protocol is designed in such a way that it is not necessary to be aware of all registered domains. In fact, this protocol does not necessarily preserve the domain but processes and identifies them. To this end, website domains follow a hierarchical structure. In this protocol, the domain of sites is examined step by step from right to left and finally identified. Top-level domains are divided into seven general categories and more than 100 country regions. These domains are used at the end of each address and indicate the type and nature of the user site. DNSs identify the search area based on these domains to find the equivalent IP. General domains that are three letters are:

com. Sites that use this domain are identified as economic and commercial entities.
edu. The owners of this domain are considered to be scientific or academic institutions.
gov. This set of domains is reserved for US government agencies.
int. The owner of this domain is one of the international organizations.
mil. This domain is used for military organizations around the world.
net. Sites that use this domain are considered as one of the network service providers.
org. The owner of this domain is one of the non-profit organizations.
Each domain can be subdivided into smaller subcategories, also called second-level domains. For example, domains related to Iran, abbreviated ir. They are different from other domains. Some public domains in Iran are divided as follows:

ac.ir. : This domain is used for universities or educational institutions.
co.ir. : This domain is used only for private limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability companies.
Site addresses are not stored centrally on the Internet and are distributed over the entire Internet. Therefore, to translate a domain to IP, several commands may be sent to find that IP.



Familiarity with DNS Cache

Cache means a place to temporarily store data and access and use it quickly in the future. The most important goal of Cache is to speed up data access and save resources and bandwidth. Examples include browser cache, cache servers, cache, software with cache capability, cache DNS servers, etc. This memory, in addition to its numerous advantages, also has disadvantages. There are some programs that store large amounts of heavy data in the device cache, which can lead to the occupation of the internal memory of the phone or system. The word cache on the Internet means cache or cache. When you are browsing the Internet, the information of the sites you visit, including CSS, HTML, Javascript and images, is stored in the browser cache and, more precisely, in your system.





When the information is cached, the sites will not re-download the site information in the next visits, and will use the previously cached information. Now, if there is a change in the site, for example, switching hosts, you can not see your new site and see the previous site; This is also due to the caching of previous information. There are steps that will help you in solving this problem in most cases and by using these steps you can clear your caches. It is necessary to clear the browser cache first and in most cases the problem will be solved by clearing the browser cache. The second step is to clear the Internet DNS cache, which we will discuss in the following. We have been at your service in several articles about cache, which can include deleting Telegram cache ,  clearing Instagram cache on iPhone ,  Android cache And … named.


Learn how to clear dns cache

At the end of this article, we will teach you how to clear the dns cache . Before the browser sends its requests to the Internet, the computer blocks the browser and searches for the domain name in the cache database. The database contains a list of all recently viewed domain names and addresses that dns created for the first request. Now if the site’s IP has recently changed or the cache is infected with a virus, you need to clear the dns cache. Follow the instructions below to do this:

– Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run box. Type the cmd command and click the OK button.





– This will open a quick black dialog box. Use the ipconfig / flushdns command to clear the DNS cache on the computer. After a few moments, wait to see the message Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

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