EMS Advanced Excel Report D2010-XE-XE10.1

EMS Advanced Excel Report D2010-XE-XE10.1

Component Advanced Excel Report for Delphi and C Builder development node has been created, this component allows creating reports of pre-built reports (Template) in Excel to provide the programmer. Using the features of this tool is so easy that you can quickly create powerful reports in Excel and save the generated reports in a file and display them on all computers.

Features and Features of EMS Advanced Excel Report:

  • Create sample reports from Template reports in Excel
  • Ability to save created reports as a file with the extension  xls
  • Ability to access and exploit any information source ( Data Source )
  • Create master and sub-reports ( master-detail )
  • Full integration with Delphi
  • Build Band-based reports
  • Ability to create main-sub reports with the possibility of grouping reports
  • Best performance even on weak computers
  • This allows you to easily configure many report parameters at design time
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
  • Having a complete and detailed guide and many demos to master the software faster
  • Support for multiple report ( Sub-report ) in a report ( sheet ) has been implemented.

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