EMS Advanced PDF Generator Full Source

EMS Advanced PDF Generator Full Source

Advanced PDF Generator is a useful component for Delphi programmers and C ++ Builder that makes it easy to create PDF files. If you need to generate PDF reports in your program, you no longer need to code this part yourself. You do not even need to know about the PDF format and how to store data in this format. Leave all this work to this valuable library. In this library, you can easily break large tables into several separate sections to fit properly on different pages of the PDF document.

Built-in tables are also fully supported. You can easily add jpg and bmp images to your files. In addition to bitmap images, it is possible to add vector images in EMF and WMF formats, which is a useful feature among libraries in this category. In other words, you can add any image that can be loaded in the TGraphic component to pdf documents. It is possible to add internal internal text links as well as external links in the generated documents.

This library is fully compatible with Persian language because it fully supports Unicode. It is also possible to encrypt documents, this encryption is done in two ways 40-bit and 128-bit. For generated files, it is possible to complete properties such as author, keywords, publisher, subject, title, and so on. These attributes are usually displayed when displaying files in Detail mode in Windows, and of course in the future, pdf files can be organized based on these properties. This component provides you with almost everything you need to produce PDF files. It is easy to use and due to its complete documentation, it is a suitable option for use in your projects.

Installation guide

Register the software using the serial in the Serial.txt file.

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Download Advanced_PDF_Generator_2.0.0.0_Full_Source

Download EMS_Advanced_PDF_Generator_1.5.5.0_D5-XE10

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