EMUI 11 UI enhances the performance of Huawei tablets



The EMUI 11 user interface with its special capabilities has been able to improve the performance of Huawei tablets; So that users now work smoother, more natural and easier than they can with these Huawei products.

Huawei has managed to improve the user experience of its tablets with the release of a new version of its user interface, EMUI 11. This user interface uses several human-centered approaches to better interact with the user.

Improve the performance of Huawei tablets with EMUI 11 user interface

If we want to examine these changes on a case-by-case basis in Huawei tablets, we have to start with the Huawei MatePad Pro, which works smoother, more naturally and more easily with the help of this user interface. “Micro animations”, new conversion animations, as well as new features added to the device’s motion control are some of the reasons for this improvement.

In addition to the unique and interactive design of the EMUI 11 user interface, we see the updating of programs that run horizontally. Tablets are usually useful for increasing the productivity and creativity of users who work remotely, so users usually use tablets horizontally, like a computer screen.

But do tablets have the convenience and efficiency of a computer, and are they optimized for heavy tasks that require working with multiple files and programs? The new Huawei Precision UI update is designed to address these issues.


With these new changes, you can now use four windows (shown in the image) at the same time. The two main applications are well placed in the horizontal position of the image. The number of applications that support this multi-window feature has also grown significantly. Of course, many programs also support this feature by default, so that almost all popular applications can be used together.

In addition, the other two windows can be floated on the other windows and work with them. This new feature makes your tablet an efficient tool for telecommuting and complex tasks such as data management and analysis. This change is one of the basic needs of tablets, which moves this popular gadget from a purely entertainment tool to a professional tool at work.

Note that the EMUI 11 UI update also supports Multi-Screen Collaboration. This feature goes beyond just being able to display the mobile screen on the phone. In fact, with the new Huawei UI update, you can use other apps at the same time as your smartphone screen appears on your tablet.


Suppose you decide to share your ideas in a meeting. With the Multi-Screen feature, you can share the document you want from your mobile phone to the large screen of the Huawei MatePad Pro, and thus, a wider visual display will be provided, which will also have a great impact on better presenting your ideas.

You can also log out of the phone sharing section to reply to personal messages or browse information and manage calls and personal messages; This feature is intended to protect and enhance your privacy.

Huawei is trying to increase the user experience of its tablets by continuously improving its Multi-Screen and Multi-Window capabilities. This new update will be available to Huawei tablet users soon.

In order to create a good and acceptable ecosystem, not only must efforts be made to improve the operating system, but it is also necessary to cultivate a community of developers to support the wider ecosystem and to create indigenous programs for each region. There are now a number of high-end note-taking and drawing applications registered in the Huawei ecosystem, and you can have a better writing and drawing experience with the Huawei stylus next to the tablet.

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