Enable or disable startup apps on Android

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Enable or disable startup apps

We are all used to installing and testing different applications on the phone. However, it rarely happens that we uninstall the installed program. In this case, all those apps are running in the background of the operating system and even load when the phone is booted. This greatly affects the performance of Android. To solve this problem, we will teach you a method that you can use to activate or deactivate Android apps in its startup.

Due to the many advances in technology, a lot of load is placed on the devices, but sometimes the systems are not able to manage this workload and this issue causes them to slow down. It usually shows up more when the load on the memory exceeds the RAM of the device.

Device RAM helps to cache running processes, and when these processes are stopped or not used at the desired time, the memory stores the direct path of that particular process from the main memory. When the Android device is turned on, many apps are loaded with it, and this time it is placed on the Android shower. You will not usually be able to view these apps unless you have rooted your device to enable or disable startup apps as you wish. Join us to learn how to do this.

How to enable or disable startup apps on Android

By manipulating the boot manager, you can manage all the apps installed on Android that load when this operating system comes up. If you manage to disable unnecessary apps, then you can increase the performance and speed of your Android device.

Enable and disable startup apps using BootManager:

Step 1 – Your device’s Android must be rooted first because Xposed only installs on rooted Android. After rooting, install the Xposed device on it.

Step 2 – Then, you have the interesting Xposed module, Boot Manager in Android device. Enable it in Xposed.

Step 3 – Launch the app. You will see a list of all the apps installed on the device. Activate the apps you want to launch in Startup by touching their email.

Step 4 – Click Done and the boot manager executes the command required to set them as the startup app.

That’s it, from now on only the apps you want will run in Startup and the opening speed will be higher.

Alternative apps

In addition to the above method, several other apps are available for this purpose in the Google Play Store. You can manually enable or disable Android startup apps to increase performance.

1- Advanced Task Manager

This app acts like Task Manager and shows all apps and games running in the background. You can manually eliminate apps that are consuming too much battery and RAM resources. Additionally, using the Advanced Task Manager, you can prevent apps from loading in startups.

2- All-In-One Toolbox

This app is one of the best apps in the Google Play Store that allows you to enable or disable startup apps. Find and stop apps that run at system boot with this app.

3- Startup Manager

This app also has an amazing function in activating or deactivating running apps at system boot time. This app works on both rooted or not rooted Android phones. You can manually disable all the apps you want.

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