ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library + RetainPro

ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library + RetainPro

The Structural Engineering Library, or SEL for short, is a library of dozens of widely used modules for calculations and work related to structural design and engineering. In fact, by taking into account the repetitive and daily tasks of the engineers, this collection has provided tools that, in order to facilitate things, have put them all in a comprehensive package for use. The specialized team of the construction company is well acquainted with the process of structural design, and for this reason, all the tools of this collection have been prepared in order to solve problems related to design, modeling, analysis, review of standards, regulations, and so on. Using this set will improve the performance of your daily tasks. These tools have been designed and supported by ENERCALC since 1983, and we see extensive changes in each version of the program.

RetainPro is also a very efficient software for analyzing and designing retaining walls or guard structures. With the help of this program, you can design a suitable guard structure for any type of pressure situation and any type of configuration, and test and analyze the strength of different parts of it with different tests. RetainPro also allows you to prevent excavations and falls and drifts with tieback or pre-stretched cable. The whole process of design and analysis in this method is done by this software.

Installation guide

When installing and using the program, block the Internet access and register the program using the information in the Readme file.

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Download ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library + RetainPro

Download ENERCALC Structural Engineerin Library + RetainPro

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