11- Energy & Antenna Subsystems

Energy & Antenna Subsystems
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Energy & Antenna Subsystems

On this chapter, allow us to focus on about Energy programs from which numerous subsystems of satellite tv for pc will get energy and Antenna subsystems one after the other.

Energy Programs

We all know that the satellite tv for pc current in an orbit needs to be operated constantly throughout its life span. So, the satellite tv for pc requires inside energy with a purpose to function numerous digital programs and communications payload which are current in it.

Energy system is an important subsystem, which gives the ability required for working of a satellite tv for pc. Primarily, the photo voltaic cells (or panels) and rechargeable batteries are utilized in these programs.

Photo voltaic Cells

Principally, the photo voltaic cells produce electrical energy (present) from incident daylight. Subsequently, photo voltaic cells are used primarily with a purpose to present energy to different subsystems of satellite tv for pc.

We all know that particular person photo voltaic cells generate very much less energy. So, with a purpose to generate extra energy, group of cells which are current in an array kind can be utilized.

Photo voltaic Arrays

There are two sorts of photo voltaic arrays which are utilized in satellites. These are cylindrical photo voltaic arrays and rectangular photo voltaic arrays or photo voltaic sail.

  • Cylindrical photo voltaic arrays are utilized in spinning satellites. Solely a part of the cylindrical array can be lined beneath sunshine at any given time. As a consequence of this, electrical energy will get generated from the partial photo voltaic array. That is the downside of this sort.
  • The downside of cylindrical photo voltaic arrays is overcome with Photo voltaic sail. This one produce extra energy as a result of all photo voltaic cells of photo voltaic sail are uncovered to solar gentle.

Rechargeable Batteries

Throughout eclipses time, it’s troublesome to get the ability from solar gentle. So, in that state of affairs the opposite subsystems get the ability from rechargeable batteries. These batteries produce energy to different subsystems throughout launching of satellite tv for pc additionally.

Generally, these batteries cost attributable to extra present, which is generated by photo voltaic cells within the presence of solar gentle.

Antenna Subsystems

Antennas are current in each satellite tv for pc and earth station. Now, allow us to focus on in regards to the satellite tv for pc antennas.

Satellite tv for pc antennas carry out two varieties of capabilities. These are receiving of alerts, that are coming from earth station and transmitting alerts to a number of earth stations primarily based on the requirement. In different phrases, the satellite tv for pc antennas obtain uplink alerts and transmit downlink alerts.

We all know that the size of satellite tv for pc antennas is inversely proportional to the working frequency. The working frequency must be elevated with a purpose to scale back the size of satellite tv for pc antennas. Subsequently, satellite tv for pc antennas function within the order of GHz frequencies.

Satellite tv for pc Antennas

The antennas, that are utilized in satellite tv for pc are generally known as satellite tv for pc antennas. There are primarily 4 sorts of Antennas. They’re:

  • Wire Antennas
  • Horn Antennas
  • Array Antennas
  • Reflector Antennas

Now, allow us to focus on about these antennas one after the other.

Wire Antennas


Wire antennas are the fundamental antennas. Mono pole and dipole antennas come beneath this class. These are utilized in very excessive frequencies with a purpose to present the communication for TTCM subsystem.

The size of the whole wire, which is getting used as a dipole, if equals half of the wave size (i.e., l = λ/2), such an antenna known as as half-wave dipole antenna.

Wire antennas are appropriate for protecting its vary of entry and to offer sign power in all instructions. Which means, wire antennas are Omni-directional antennas.

Horn Antennas

Energy & Antenna Subsystems

An Antenna with an aperture on the finish may be termed as an Aperture antenna. The sting of a transmission line when terminated with a gap, radiates vitality. This opening which is an aperture, makes it as an aperture antenna.

Horn antenna is an instance of aperture antenna. It’s utilized in satellites with a purpose to cowl extra space on earth.

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Horn antennas are utilized in microwave frequency vary. The identical feed horn can be utilized for each transmitting and receiving the alerts. A tool named duplexer, which separates these two alerts.

Array Antennas

An antenna when individually can radiate an quantity of vitality, in a specific route, leading to higher transmission, how it might be if few extra parts are added it, to supply extra environment friendly output. It’s precisely this concept, which result in the invention of Array Antennas or Antenna arrays. Array antennas are utilized in satellites to kind a number of beams from single aperture.

Energy & Antenna Subsystems

Reflector Antennas

Energy & Antenna Subsystems

Reflector antennas are appropriate for producing beams, which have extra sign power in a single specific route. Which means, these are extremely directional antennas. So, Parabolic reflectors enhance the acquire of antennas in satellite tv for pc communication system. Therefore, these are utilized in telecommunications and broadcasting.

If a Parabolic Reflector antenna is used for transmitting a sign, the sign from the feed, comes out of a dipole or a horn antenna, to focus the wave on to the parabola. It implies that, the waves come out of the point of interest and strikes the Paraboloidal reflector. This wave now will get mirrored as collimated wave entrance.

If the identical antenna is used as a receiver, the electromagnetic wave when hits the form of the parabola, the wave will get mirrored onto the feed level. The dipole or the horn antenna, which acts because the receiver antenna at its feed, receives this sign, to transform it into electrical sign and forwards it to the receiver circuitry.

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