Enterprise Architect 15.2 Build 1554

Enterprise Architect 15.2 Build 1554

Sparx Enterprise Architect Software for designing UML diagrams in the software development process that is suitable for software development and development teams. This software with the support of UML 2.1 and with a visual and user-friendly environment and extremely high performance, helps to implement the modeling process in software engineering.

The software also supports reverse engineering code and the use of source code for commonly used languages ​​such as Visual Basic, VB.NET, Delphi, Java, C #, C ++, PHP to achieve the initial model of the current application development. Support for CORBA as well as Python, along with a code editor, the ability to integrate with a variety of programming environments (IDEs), the ability to simultaneously examine code and model in one environment, greatly speeds up the design and coding operations and Prevents switching between design and coding environments.

Sparx Enterprise Architect is designed with ICONIX software engineering process in mind. But it is by no means a specific process. And you can use the available add-ons to add your desired process to it and take advantage of the process you want, or use only its powerful documentation and diagrams without using the instructions of a software engineering process.

Features and specifications of Sparx Enterprise Architect software :

  • Compatibility with MS Word
  • Ability to enter the database schema
  • High speed
  • Has Spell Checker
  • Import binary code from Java and .NET
  • Ability to image XSD and WXSD codes
  • Support for reverse engineering codes in more than 10 programming languages
  • Multi-user
  • Convert MDA
  • Testing, tracking and maintenance
  • Ability to Import and Extract XML 2.1
  • Data modeling, database engineering
  • Provide reports in HTML and RTF formats
  • Support for UML standard 2.3
  • Simple user interface without tutorials
  • UML design and development
  • Ability to add the required attachments to the designed model
  • Using Dynamic, Logical and Physical models

Installation guide

This version is cracked and does not need to be activated.

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