Entity Framework Profiler 5.0 Build 5033

Entity Framework Profiler is a visual and instantaneous debugging for displaying various transactions with the Entity Framework. Developers can investigate and discover application problems in applications that connect to the database through this ORM, EF. In fact, this profiler helps developers to find the problems of the program by carefully examining the transactions that the program has with the EF and the database.

Entity Framework Profiler allows you to carefully examine the program’s interaction with the database, and while learning how ORM works, have a detailed analysis of the data exchanged between the database and the program. Using this powerful tool will make it easier to find common problems that most EF users have. Also, in large programs that have large database models and the degree of interaction of the program with the database is high, performance and efficiency issues are raised, which is considered very important in programming. By carefully examining these interactions, professionals are able to find bottlenecks, fix problems, and ultimately optimize their program.

This program is easy to set up and use, and all its features can be mastered in a short time. Also, the analyzes that it performs are in the most complete form, that is, all the details of interaction with the database are accurately displayed, while it also has a good speed. Entity Framework Profiler is a great tool for troubleshooting and optimizing for all those who use EF as a powerful ORM and deal with it on a daily basis.

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