EnviroSim BioWin 6.0

EnviroSim BioWin 6.0

BioWin is the name of engineering and specialized software of EnviroSim product, which is in the field of modeling wastewater treatment processes. In fact, with the help of this product, you can advanced simulations of biological, chemical and physical processes in wastewater treatment and then achieve the desired results. This software is used all over the world to design, develop and optimize wastewater treatment plants in different types. This software, along with all its various and advanced capabilities, offers you unparalleled ease of work.

When using EnviroSim BioWin, you can also simplify your simulations with the help of various tables and graphs for convenience and better results. You can also customize the software environment to suit your needs with options such as default unit systems, screen display settings and auto-save settings, and more. The program can also automatically prepare comprehensive reports of all simulation steps in the form of detailed reports for you.

Another functionality of this program is the benefit of preset designs that you can use according to the needs of your project. Using this software can help you reduce administrative and operational costs.

Features and specifications of EnviroSim BioWin software:

  • Achieving useful results in the wastewater treatment process
  • Highly advanced simulation and modeling of the refining process
  • Take advantage of the drawing toolbar for your design and modeling
  • Quickly convert data, charts and reports to Microsoft Excel file
  • Ability to set optional alerts to your projects

Installation guide

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The cracker-considered license period is short and expires soon; In case of release of crack or new version.

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