y equipment. In this program, you first design a diagram of the overall process of the system and perform basic modeling using the required data such as input data, nodes and equipment. After this stage, it is time to simulate the process of fluid movement in all parts of the system, and finally, by carefully analyzing the amount of pipe deviation and the minimum and maximum values ​​of the pipes and equipment specifications of the system are calculated.

EPCON SiNET displays the deviation in the pipes in color based on the minimum and maximum values ​​so that it can be easily distinguished. Learning this program is simple and with a little time, all parts of it will be under your control. There are various icons in the toolbar that are collected in a pellet containing more than 70 different types of equipment and can be easily used by dragging in the work environment. Pipe connection is also done automatically and intelligently.

Many fluid flow simulation products on the market To buy gas and liquid systems, you need to buy two separate products, but for EPCON SiNET it does not matter if your fluid is gas or liquid, you can easily put them all in Simulate a single package. The program also completes the stone analysis section and analyzes different parts of the system from different angles, offers different capabilities for the final optimization of the system and will notify you wherever it detects a potential error in the system. .

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See the Readme.txt file.

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