eSeGeCe sgcWebSockets 4.2.5 For Delphi XE-10.3 Rio

sgcWebSockets is a web technology that provides more than one transmission control protocol (TCP) for two-way communication channels. The WebSocket component API is standardized by the W3C, and the WebSocket protocol is standardized by the IETF as RFC 6455. WebSockets is designed to run on web browsers and servers , but can be used by any server or server application. The WebSocket protocol allows for greater interaction between the browser and the website, facilitating live content and creating real-time games. This is possible by providing a standard way for the server to send content to the browser without being requested by the client, allowing messages to be moved back and forth while the connection is open. In this way, the current two-way (two-way) conversation can be established between a browser and a server.

Features and capabilities of sgcWebSockets:

  • Fully functional multifunctional WebSocket server according to RFC 6455
  • Firemonkey support (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android)
  • Support for Lazarus / FreePascal, CBuilder, C # .NET via sgcWebSockets.dll
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer (including iPhone, iPad and iPod)
  • Support for binary and Unicode messages
  • Compress the message using PerMessage_Deflate
  • Flash FallBack for web browsers without native WebSockets (such as Internet Explorer 6-9)
  • The server component provides WebSocket and HTTP connection through the same port.
  • Built-in protocol: JSON-RPC 2.0 (operational messages, PubSub, RPC, attributes, QoS and more), data sets, binaries, WebRTC and WAMP
  • Support for SSL / TLS on server and client components
  • JavaScript events for complete control

Installation guide

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