ESI CFD Advanced 2014.0 x86 / x64

ESI CFD Advanced 2014.0 x86 / x64

ESI CFD Advanced is one of the most powerful simulators of fluid dynamics (CFD) and electromagnetic waves. This product also has a good ability in discussing gas dynamics and finite element analysis of the structure. ESI Group, the owner and developer of this software, has many years of experience in the production of software products in the field of dynamics and finite element analysis, and its history goes back many years, when the current CEO Alian de Rouvray and three other people of knowledge Berkeley graduates began building software for their research purposes, but with the release of the program and the increase in enthusiasts, the use was changed years later and they began to work professionally in simulation.

Founded in 1979 with a wealth of valuable experience, the German company ESI GmbH is now one of the largest manufacturers of software products for various industries, especially in the field of computational fluid dynamics and simulation tools in this field. This program is able to solve a variety of momentum mass survival equations, the most complex energy equations, heat and power transfer equations, and so on. This means that the program is capable of most phenomena with linear and nonlinear behaviors, including simulations of fluid motion, particle transport, energy production, simulations of heat exchanges in power plants, biotechnological simulations, and so on. Do. In addition to the ESI CFD Advanced esoteric capabilities, there is also a good graphical appearance on this powerful core, which facilitates various operations in the program.

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