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ESI PAM-STAMP is the name of the software that can be seen with the release of the 2017 version. This program, which was developed for design, has its user interface made in such a way that the user can make the most of this program with the least number of keys. Creating material physics in graphic models developed in this program is one of its features. To create the production process of a mechanical product, nowadays it is very common to give the graphic model to the manufacturers from the customer’s side.

You can create graphic models of your products with the fast and easy user interface provided by ESI PAM-STAMP. This program has interesting features such as estimating the cost of materials and production, predicting the lines and parts of the surface separation, etc. Virtual reality system and… Is. You can customize your models as you wish.

It is possible to compare models with each other simultaneously in this program. The simulations made by this program are extremely fast and work up to three times faster than similar programs. You can connect different parts with each other at high speed and use the simulation of this program.


Features and Specification of ESI PAM-STAMP software:

  • Repair and modification of topological models
  • Estimation and cost estimation
  • Exact numerical methods
  • Geometric drawing lines
  • Kinematics of hard models
  • The desired models are ironed
  • Virtual reality system
  • Optimization of empty lines
  • Very high-quality results
  • Faster than similar software
  • Beautification effects
  • Fast connection of parts
  • Optimized for the fewest clicks

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required system 

RAM 512 MB min, 1 GB free space on disk, OpenGL hardware graphic accelerator, CPU- Intel /AMD only



Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Solver is a 64-bit-only software.

download link

Download ESI PAM-STAMP 2022.0 x64
Download ESI PAM-STAMP 2021.0.1 x64
Download ESI PAM-STAMP 2019.5
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