Essentials Object EO.Total 2017.2.92.0 / EO.WebBrowser 2018.2.53.0

Essentials Object EO.Total 2017.2.92.0 / EO.WebBrowser 2018.2.53.0

Essentials Object EO.Total is the complete collection of Essential Object products for .NET programmers. The present collection includes the following items, each of which we will briefly explain:

  • EO.WebBrowser The web browser engine is based on the core of the Chrome browser, which is completely coded with .NET, do not think that this component is a wrapper for the Chrome browser, the whole engine is completely coded in a dll file and you You will not have any external dependencies to use this library.
  • EO.Pdf for .NET is a set of components for creating, editing, and reading pdf documents in .NET applications, which can be used in both ASP.NET-based web applications and Windows desktop applications. Key features of this product include converting HTML documents to PDF, splitting and combining pdf documents, encrypting or decoding pdf files.
  • EO.Wpf for .NET A complete set of high quality wpf controls for use in wpf applications
  • EO.Web for ASP.NET More than 20 ASP.NET quality controls for building web-based user interfaces. These controls support most browsers by today’s standards and are also not compatible with ipad-specific versions.

Using the various capabilities of the Essentials Object EO.Total suite. The end user will enjoy a flawless product more.

Installation guide

Use the mobile serial to register the software.

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Download EO.WebBrowser_for_.NET_2018.2.53.0

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Download Essentials_Object_EO.Total_2016.1.75.0_Retail

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