ESurvey CADD 13.50

ESurvey CADD 13.50

ESurvey CADD is a large suite of software for civil and surveying engineers used to quickly create contour lines, segmentation to calculate volume, excavation and masonry, and to convert point information into a topographic map. This software is a product of ESurveying Softech and provides you with comprehensive solutions for land line mapping, excavation calculation, cross-sectional preparation, interpolation, and path correction.

ESurvey CADD software allows you to quickly create topographic maps from point information and convert them to AutoCAD drawings. You can also import data through CSV, Excel or CAD files into this software and perform your calculations easily with various tools. It also supports the Lisp programming language and allows CAD users to work on mapping designs.

Features and specifications of ESurvey CADD software:

  • Quickly create contour lines
  • Calculation of excavation and walling
  • Segment to calculate volume
  • Convert point information to topographic map
  • Lisp programming language support
  • Convert KML data in Google Earth to 2D maps

Installation guide

After installation, copy and replace the file in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

This version was installed on February 6, 1998 in Windows 10 64-bit version and – as shown in the image – has been successfully activated.

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