12- Expectations of Cell Learners
Expectations of Cell Learners

12- Expectations of Cell Learners

Expectations of Cell Learners

Mobile learning’s biggest advantage is its seamless interaction with different forms of media at the same time. The amount of personalization it allows learners is second to none. This results in a personalized social learning curve, where each individual learns at his own comfortable pace.

The use of different methodologies and pedagogies enables users to get a strong grasp on the subject. As the students are working on a BYOD Principle (Bring Your Own Device), it allows a high degree of familiarity with the tool which reduces frustrations over not being able to access the device.

However, everything depends on creating a well-planned and well organized layout for those students, who have used technology predominantly for social interactions till now. Asking them to make a shift towards using technology for learning requires a clear communication and setting of expectations with them. To meet these requirements, the following recommendations will come in handy.

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Expectations of Cell Learners

  • Technologies that learners are going to use need to be well explained for their benefits.
  • Learning resources and course completion strategy must be shared by the virtual learning environment.
  • The tools must share a preview of the advantages to learners through the innovative learning experience.
  • Deliver a consistent platform for learners when they use technology for education.
  • Deliver a level playing field to all learners, despite their learning speed or skills sets.
  • Impress the future of technology-based education on the first time learners.

These recommendations keep in mind the fact that mobile learning is essentially a platform where shared learning has already shaped the intelligence levels of different people in the classroom.

Students sharing information online has changed the way education was perceived from earlier times. Now, there is lesser gap between proficient students and hard-working students who want to be proficient.

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