Expedition 11.0.15 MAX

Expedition 11.0.15 MAX

Tasman Bay Navigation Systems Expedition is one of the best and simplest tactical and navigation software on the market. This software has been created as a navigation tool for yacht racing and provides a wide range of features that can find the best route on the water to achieve the best weather conditions and the ability of the ship. Apart from providing tools and options for large charts, this software can retrieve information from various services and provide the possibility of calculating the best route in the current situation.

Features of Tasman Bay Navigation Systems Expedition:

  • Stripchart application for drawing and analyzing any function
  • View charts, courses, radar, AIS goals, match schedule information
  • Polar functions for output, analysis, creation or modification of yacht performance
  • Advanced Climate Display Tools: Advanced Display Options, Intelligent Integration and Multiple Database Display, Integrated Climate Reporting (Ships and Ground Stations), Integrated with Saildocs, NOAA, Ocens & MailASail Weather Services
  • The best and easiest weather routing: Optimal display of multiple routes, optimal routes for fleet and different weather models, sensitive tools for optimal routes, correction and wave avoidance, inverse isochar function for graphical interpretation of routing

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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