Experts despair of the world’s most powerful home processor

Statistics show that the world’s most powerful home processor, the Core i7-5960X, will not differ much from the cheaper models in conventional applications, so it can be said that spending money on it is a waste of money.


Intel’s Xenon processors may be considered the best processors for home PCs, but the astronomical price of these processors has made it impossible to classify them in the category of home processors, according to medianews from Aetna, citing the analytical news website engadget.

Thus, it should be said that the best home processor in the world is the Core i7-5960X model from Intel, which offers its users a clock speed of 3 GHz and 8 powerful processing cores.

Experts now believe that this product is not as powerful as it should be, and in fact, the amount of processing power development in it does not match the price increase compared to other models on the market.

For example, if we want to compare the benchmarks of the Core i7-5820K processor with the Core i7-5960X, we can see that the statistical difference between the two models is not as much as $ 660.




It is interesting to know that the core i7-5820K processor is priced at only $ 390, but the Core i7-5960X is priced at $ 1,050, while the standard benchmark difference between the two models is actually less than 30% improvement.

So it seems that buying this processor would not be very reasonable, and options like core i7-5820K offer you almost the same services.