Ext.NET Pro 4.7.1 MVC & WebForms

Ext.NET Pro WebForms MVC is a high-level component template for the ASP.NET framework in both Web Forms and MVC (Model-View-Controller) models, integrated with the Sencha Ext JS JavaScript subroutines and functions in browsers. If you are looking to build complete and modern applications using the latest technologies available on the web that are uniquely compatible with all browsers and have a high level MVC structure, using Ext.NET is the best option for you.

Ext.NET software is made by programmers for programmers. For this reason, most of the needs and practical tools are provided in it. This software contains hundreds of examples to make it somewhat easier for programmers. With these examples, Ext.NET has greatly reduced the difficulty of building applications.
Ext.Net software is based on the popular JavaScript UI template Sencha Ext JS. This means that all software components have great formatting options that allow you to integrate your application with any design to improve its effects. In that case, you no longer need to have a CSS Designer or Expert with you for the visual effects of the program. Easily select a skin and then easily start building a useful and beautiful interface. With Ext.NET, it is no longer a concern to make the application compatible with browsers or user experience issues to use the application.

Features of Ext.NET Pro WebForms MVC software:

Build applications using advanced Ext JS and ASP.NET web technologies

– Fully integrated with Sencha Ext JS JavaScript subroutines and functions

– Provide more than 100 components as well as more than 600 samples within the software

– Support and compatibility with all popular browsers

– Easy to learn and use

Installation guide

How to register is in the Readme.txt file.

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