ExtJS 6.5 Commercial

ExtJS 6.5 Commercial

ExtJS is a JavaScript framework for building web applications. This framework makes full use of the multi-layered MVC / MVVM architecture for web application development, and the final output runs well on all desktops, tablets, and smartphones, with all the functionality independent of the platform. ExtJS also uses the latest html standard, html5, for application development, while paying attention to compatibility of work output with older, obsolete browsers. This powerful framework contains hundreds of efficient widgets that cover all the needs of designers from small projects to complex web applications.

ExtJS knows very well how to adapt to screens of different sizes, so it does not matter if you see the final output on a widescreen monitor or on smartphones with small screens. This product includes various charts that allow you to visualize the data you need. The above framework has different information packages that make it possible to import data from different data sources. ExtJS is a properly coded framework that takes a lot of time to optimize and efficiency, is provided by professionals and has good support. All this makes us consider this product as one of the best.

ExtJS Features and Features:

  •  Various widgets with high workability and personalization
  • Ability to receive data from different data sources
  • Manage formatting and responsive mode according to your needs
  • Various charts for visual display of data
  • Various themes with customization
  • Support for ARIA package to comply with 508 standard
  • Different templates for the program

Installation guide

Programmers know better.

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Download Ext_JS_6.5

Download Sencha_Ext_JS_Commercial_6.0.1_REPACK

Download ExtJS_6.0.1_Commercial

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