Facebook describes photos for the blind

Facebook describes photos for the blind

Facebook is working on an artificial intelligence that can describe images for the blind. This AI can be of great help to these users, who previously could not use photo sharing sites.

This achievement will be a great success for Facebook, because blind people can use it to easily interact with Facebook.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote in one of his posts:

Our AI can look at a photo and explain its content to you. If you are blind or can not see the photos properly, this feature will be very useful for you. We look at artificial intelligence as a tool that helps computers better understand the world around them and in this way help people more. “You can already imagine how useful such a feature could be in the future,” said Kennedy.

“Facebook’s director of artificial intelligence research says:

We will be able to fully describe the photos in the future. We are currently using systems that are able to perform such tasks on a laboratory basis that will be implemented in the coming years.