FaceShift Studio 2015 v1.02 Retail x64 full

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Faceshift studio is a solution for face motion recording software that changes the shape of the face in animation. The software analyzes aspects of an actor’s face and describes them as a combination of basic terms, plus head and eye orientation. This description is used to move virtual characters for use in any situation such as film and game production that requires animated animation. FaceShift Studio animation environment consists of three visual stages:

  • Scan a set of modes to teach personal symbol tracking
  • Record performance with real-time feedback and optionally improve accuracy in one post-processing step
  • Animate virtual images if you change the face and export the animation to your favorite 3D animation software or connect to an existing animation production line

Faceshift studio combines timely tracking and high quality offline processing in one simple and convenient application.

The first time you run the software, you must select the location of the application workspace data. Workspace data includes actor profiles and recorded clips, as well as face studio licenses and login data. The default path is $ Home / Documents / faceshift. Click “Browse” to change the location of the folder. If you want to change the location later, go to Settings and change the workspace in the “General” tab (see General Settings)

How to set up FaceShift Studio:

  • Install the driver for the 3D sensor
  • Download faceshift studio
  • software installation
  • Run the software
  • Enter serial and activate the program

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download FaceShift_Studio_v2015_1.02_Retail_x64

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